Arrow to my Heart

I first met Arrow in September 2010-it was love at first sight! I went to Cherry Wood Bed & Breakfast for the Winery tour on Horseback (my favorite vacation of all time). When we were done with the ride we were all sitting outside on the porch and this happy little dog comes running up to greet everyone. Pepper told this story how they had found him on the Yakima highway, lost, skinny and hungry. (You may want to ask Pepper for exact details on how they found him). For me seeing Arrow was love at first sight and when Pepper said they were hoping to find a home for him-I just could not see myself leaving without him. I was little worried about bringing him home as I have 3 cats who were a little shocked at first but soon accepted him and now the cats get along better with Arrow than they do with each other. He fit right into the household and neighborhood! All the kids in thearea know Arrow—he loves people of all ages—and loves to play with other dogs and cats. He has brought great happiness and I am so glad he came into my life.

ps--Arrow weighed 6.9 pounds when I brought him home he now is at 17.5 pounds and 1-1/2 years old--we celebrate his birthday the first day of spring

Also here is link to the painting I did of him --I call it Arrow to my Heart---

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