Aurora’s timing was impeccable. Having been being dog-less for several months after the passing of the original canine muse for Sleeping Dog Wines, we felt we needed “dog chi” back in our lives. And there she was, staring out from the screen on Petfinder with a fervent look that would win many hearts and fans. A follow-up call with the shelter revealed that she was slated for “termination” the following day. Some quick negotiations resulted in a “stay” until we could arrange to get to Spokane to meet her. Suffice to say, she passed the interview and we loaded her up for the drive home – neglecting to read the fine print on her rap sheet about travel sickness.

After cleaning up the car, we began the bonding process. A healthy diet and exercise put much of her medical concerns in remission. A friend (Mary Jensen) offered to create the artwork for our label, and Aurora turned out to be quite the model. She now adorns most of our bottles in various poses. (Boda, the “original” Sleeping Dog, graces the label of “Ciel de Chien”.)

At the winery, Aurora quickly learned the patterns of activity. She taught herself to escort visitors to the tasting room and to return to her outside post to greet the next group. Numerous comments over the years reflected on the reality, “the dog is not sleeping!” Aurora takes her responsibilities both enthusiastically and seriously. She epitomizes the Sleeping Dog spirit and attitude-- that visitors feel welcome and valued.

As all of us with the canine affliction (addiction?) realize, unfortunately our companions are with us for a limited time. Aurora is starting to show the effects of her early upbringing and her age. She still has unbridled enthusiasm for all visitors, but not nearly the stamina that she used to retain through a full day. She often will guide our guests into the tasting room, then sprawl out and sleep in the midst of the assembled group. She has certainly earned the rest. Come by and visit with her.

We are sad to report that Aurora past away in 2013

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