Hi again from Bung the Wonder Dog at Bonair Winery

I am having a very good summer because lots of wine tourists are coming to visit our winery, and many of them have their doggies with them so I can make new friends and romp in the grass with them and show them the ducks in the duck pond. I especially love kids who come and scratch my ears and tummy and make me laugh.

And I REALLY love the people who come and sit outside with a glass of wine and tapas (snacks served on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). If they ask me, I join them at the table and sometimes a little food falls my way . I try to be patient and very polite and not beg.

My owners at Bonair Winery have come up with a new fun thing- they are selling wine in GROWLERS (yes, GROWLERS- must be named that because I never growl, and they think that is funny). You can purchase a big growler from us, we fill it up with our dry rose of Cabernet Franc, and you can just keep bringing it back for refills at a very affordable price. Save the planet, recycle your containers, drink inexpensively, and pet me- all at the same time.

Update on Bung Dog

Hi again from Bung at Bonair Winery. I love this time of the year. Winemaker Bill and I have a lot of work to do together. We have to check out the bung holes in every oak barrel to make sure the wine is aging wonderfully. Sometimes the Bung pops out of the Bung Hole and I race to retrieve it for Bill. In case you don’t know, that is where I got my name. When I was a puppy I used to think the bungs were my own chew toys and I got the nickname Bung, which stuck and is now my official name.

I still like to play with the old used bungs once in awhile to remind me of my puppyhood. Please come and see me and give me a belly rub. I would love to meet any doggies that come with their owners to the winery. We have a big grassy area to run and play around on together.

Bung the Wonder Dog

Bung, the Wonder Dog, is a pure bread Australian Shepherd and has faithfully served Bonair Winery since 1994. Bung seems like a strange name for a dog, but it is the plug that goes into a wine barrel and dogs enjoy chasing and chewing on them. If you visit the winery, you might see Bung II lounging near the front door or hearding our ducks back to the pond. Bung enjoys Spanish Tapas as much as our guests and will gladly join you at your table or take your seat if you leave. Bung is very popular with our customers and frequently sells his Bung Dog red table wine better than we do. Like the bottle says, "My name is Bung II and I approve this wine."

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