Dixie - Knight Hill Winery

Dixie is our 6 year old German Shepherd at Knight Hill Winery and she takes her job as ”Greeter Dog” very seriously. Her nose is generally in your door before your feet hit the ground in our mountaintop parking lot. She will escort (shepherd) you to and from our tasting room with a quick glance at the ”Chuck It” ball launcher outside the door.

We encourage designated drivers and other non-wine drinkers to engage her in a game of fetch if you don’t mind her bugging you forever once you start. There are multiple tennis balls on the shelf for a reason: You usually need to throw a second ball to get her to drop the first one you throw.

She is very friendly to all humans (young and not so young) and animals, but if you bring your dog be sure and let them do the ”sniff test” (ugh!!) to make sure they get along! When not working as a ”greeter dog” she has full run of our hilltop and frequently exchanges howls with the neighborhood coyotes.

Tell us a doggie story about your adventure with your pup in Yakima Valley wine country! Submit your story with photos to Kirsten Danielson, Director of Marketing. Woof!