Newt the Greenway Dog

Hi. My name is Newt. I'm a second generation Yakima Greenway Dog. One of my humans, Al Brown, is the Executive Director for the Greenway, so I guess that makes him some sort of 'Big Dog', but he understands that around the house, I'm the 'Big Dog'. Sometimes I go to the Greenway office at Sarg Hubbard park for the day. I get to greet all sorts of visitors, who I know are just coming to meet me.

I love going out to the Greenway because I get to walk on the pathways, greeting both humans and fellow four footers. I have to walk on a leash, but that's ok, as long as I am out and about. I especially love going to the off-leash dog park at Sherman Park with Melanie, my other human. It's an acre of fenced play area for me and my 4-footed friends to run and play and sniff.

Please come out and visit the Greenway and play in the off-leash park. Stop by the Greenway office in Sarg Hubbard park, and maybe I will be there to greet you, just so you can scratch me.

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