TM Gang

Two Mountain Winery Gang

Bentley (Basset Hound) – Unfortunately, Bentley, one of visitors favorite wine doggies passed away in 2013. Bentley was a ladies man who had a soft spot for kids. A handsome devil, Bentley was two feet tall with an ample belly, kind eyes and mile-long ears. He could be found sauntering around the winery looking for attention, snacks, shade, sun and small rodents or cats (fortunately, he never caught them). He loved to stretch out on the cool concrete in the tasting room and lay immobile for long periods of time. We will miss you Bentley!

Gus (Yellow Lab, light coat)- Gus is an equal opportunity lover – men, women, kids – whomever is willing to shower him with affection. Gus is a total clown who always needs to be the center of attention and will make a ruckus if he feels ignored. He constantly needs to be touched and will lie on his back for a belly scratch or rub up against visitors’ legs until he gets a well-deserved pet. An unfortunate run-in with a car has left Gus with a hip injury , but don’t be fooled – he has a strange tendency to limp when guests are around and then quickly shake it off when he wants to play outside. It is suspected Gus might be part pig as he has never found a mud puddle he hasn’t liked.

Rudy (Yellow Lab, reddish coat) - Rudy is a bit more anti-social and generally does not seek out attention, but he is a gentle soul and fiercely loyal. He can generally be found behind the tasting bar or on his dog bed keeping a watchful eye on tasting room activity. Rudy loves to be ”at work” in the vineyards and is happiest trotting alongside Matt and Patrick or riding in the back of the truck with the wind in his fur.

Stoli (Yellow Lab/Bernese Mountain Dog mix)- Stoli is the youngest and newest addition to the Two Mountain crew. Although he is not related to the other two labs, he has definitely mastered the role of younger brother. Stoli still has a lot of puppy in his Shetland Pony-sized body and has learned plenty of tricks from Gus about how to woo tasting room visitors. He loves riding in the truck almost as much as Rudy, but Stoli is by far the smiliest after a fun-filled day of chasing sage rats in the vineyard.

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